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Exhibitions & Trips

Exhibition: Under the stewardship of Laurie Furneaux and Lorna Abbott, the recent exhibition held at the pavilion had great feedback from the people attending. This, the third major weekend exhibition from the history group, this one focused on the lives of children through some of the great events in history. A Child Through Time, attracted a couple of hundred people over the weekend, some coming back for more on the Sunday. With the exhibition focusing on the life of children, it was great to see so many young visitors. They joined in all the hands-on displays, from mosaic making and calligraphy to

archery. Hornton Primary School also joined the exhibition with the children decorating the bar room, using their creativity to design a school of the future. Some of the children were also the stars of a film, giving their thoughts on the lives of the children depicted in the exhibition. A big thank you to them and head teacher, Wendy Whitehouse and her staff for helping to make the event such a success. 

Trips: We had a very enjoyable trip to the Battle of Bosworth Vsitor Centre and Richard 3rd Centre in Leicester. Both well worth a visit, we had a introductory talk, before an enjoyable walk and guided tour of the battlefield. We even recreated the battle using the standards of the various leading protaganists involved in the battle. We then went into Leicester, enjoyed a nice lunch, before walking around the Richard 3rd exhibition, culminating in seeing the exact place where he was found.

The day ended back in the Dun Cow for supper and drinks.

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